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Beachlane Dark Wolf (Loup)


Registered Brindle Bullmastiff with ANKC, Born in 2012.


Our wonderful Stud Dog is available to for use, subject to approval of the Female of course.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries regarding using him over one of your precious girls.

He has recently had his hip scores come back well under the breed average, which we are very pleased about!


Loup is a lot of fun!    He is a mischevious, energetic and wonderful dog with 
the most fabulous temperament you could find.    

Check out our 'Gallery' page to see just what this gorgeous boy puts 
up with from the kids!    His young 'mistress' uses him as a 'pony' as well as 
a pillow on a regular basis.    She occasionally accidentally 'donates' one of 
her toys to him - however she usually does not realise this til the following 
day - when he has taken it apart like a jigsaw puzzle for her!   In his defense 
- He was quite possibly just 'protecting' her from the 'tiger' - so you cant 
blame him really!

He is available for stud duties to selected and approved females.   We want 
to ensure that when he is mated, that the female will compliment him in 
conformation as well as temperament, and that the mating is being done for 
the right reasons.   

Our dogs are very much family, and we would lke to ensure that they are in 
the right hands - including their offspring!   Part of owning and breeding any 

animal is to do it responsibly and with regard for the breed, the animal and 
any future generations.

Loup has settled in well to being 'Uncle Loup' to his neices and nephews born in September 2014 out of his full sister 'Nox'.

Outside Sires Used

International/Australian/New Zealand Champion Kugel Red Rebellion (Victor)


We are pleased to announce a happy, healthy litter of 12 beautiful pups have been born out of Nox and by "Victor", on the 6th of September 2014..

If you click on the link that is his name, you will see Victors bloodlines and an image that is on the pedigree site for him.
His scores are: HD: 5;5  ED: 0  Heart: Clear   

Other images of him can be seen by clicking the following links:
Kugel Red Rebellion 1
Kugel Red Rebellion 2
Kugel Red Rebellion 3

We would like to thank June at Oldworld Bullmastiffs for the help with making this pregnancy and subsequent litter of pups possible.    

To say we are thrilled with the outcome is an understatement!    Victor now resides in the UK - he is one very well travelled dog!    

We wish him all the best over there!

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