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We are located at Kuitpo in South Australia, just South of Adelaide, and located near the popular Kuitpo Forest, where we can take the dogs for a run and have some fun with them in the open spaces!

Contact:                             Vicki
Mobile Phone No:             0400 088 688

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Here are a few links to our favourite websites - please feel free to contact us if you would like to exchange links.

Dogzonline Australia - The major Website in Australia for all breeders and enthusiasts -

no matter the breed - it is sure to be there!







Oldworld Bullmastiffs & French Bulldogs - Breeding Bullmastiffs of distinction! -

Producers of wonderful examples of the breed, and we would like to thank June for all of her support and fabulous advice!








Nyx Bullmastiffs - Located in North Carolina, USA, Bill and Kae Arrington breed wonderful Bullmastiffs and are producing beautiful dogs with fantastic temperaments!   Nyx is actually the sire of both our breeding female and our stud dog!





























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